Victory in Green Energy Dreams Come True 2022/23

Victory in Green Energy Dreams Come True 2022/23

Date: 12/09/2023

Law Ying-ying (5D), Wong Wai-ping (5D), Wong Si-si (5D), Tai Wing-chi (5C), Ho Yin-lok (5D) and Wong Yuk-sum (5C) participated in the Green Energy Dreams Come True 2022/23 organized by HK Electric. They designed a board game and an animation about renewable energy. Not only did they create vivid mascots for the game, but also dubbed for the animation.

Thanks to their inspiring and educational ideas, they won the champion award in the competition. Through designing games and using Instagram, they hope to spread the message of saving the environment to the world. We are proud of their achievements and the glory they bring to the school.

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【綠色能源夢成真 2022-23】

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