Special Educational Needs Team

Aims and Objectives

The Special Educational Needs Team aims at providing support to cater for students’ special educational needs (SEN) in different levels, building an inclusive culture in the school environment, enhancing home-school cooperation and liaising with professionals and non-governmental organizations to raise the effectiveness of the support to SEN students. We do our best to observe the principle of equal opportunities and make reasonable accommodations for students.

Special Educational Needs Team Committee 2021-2022

Position Name
SENCO Ms. SUN Pui-shan


Ms. LIU Kwong-mei


Ms. LIN Yuk-chun

Ms. WONG Kai-foon

The “Little Angels” scheme Aims

The scheme is a whole school approach to organize different variety of intra-class activities to help SEN and non-SEN students to meet their daily needs and foster a positive attitude and thinking so as to develop an inclusive and respectful learning environment.

“Flashlight Programme” Aims

The programme cultivates leadership potential and interest via various activities and training in order to empower students to demonstrate their leadership capabilities.

“Harmony Ambassadors” scheme「大哥哥大姐姐計劃」 Aims

The scheme promotes the student interaction to strengthen peer relationships and the bond of trust. By taking up a ‘mentor’ role, senior form students can develop a sense of responsibility and enhance their self-confidence and empathy. Moreover, they help the S1 SEN students to adapt to the new secondary school life.
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