Wonderful Delights of the 58th Annual Speech Day (24/11/2023)

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Wonderful Delights of the 58th Annual Speech Day (24/11/2023)

Date: 03/01/2024

On 24th November, the 58th Speech Day embraced our campus with joy and thanksgiving. 

Celebrating the multi-faceted development of the school and the students, we filled the campus with wonderful delights. Together, we were overjoyed at the success and progress after miles of learning, and teaching. Members of the school were all touched with these precious moments of growth, savoring the smiles and clapping, loud and clear. 

When it comes to the growth of SGSS, we are proud to have our alumnus Mr Cheng Kai-man, Penny as the Guest of Honour. He has certainly been a golden page of our school (See his profile attached)

With the inspiring sharing from Penny, students were encouraged to fulfil their dreams in life and work hard to strive for excellence. Echoing his heartening messages, our student choirs performed the song titled As Long As I Have Music at the end of the performing sessions to create an uplifting atmosphere, empowering the youth with hope and optimism. 

After the ceremony, we took photographs to build, and save collective memories together. 

To power up the amazing afternoon a little more, we turned the school garden into a brilliant social space of café music, chit-chats, and the unique life stories about SGSS members. Guests, staff members, alumni and students present there were sharing their stories, and painting the campus vividly, joyously, and wonderfully here at No. 42, Chai Wan Road, Shau Kei Wan. 

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