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Visit by Ms Michelle LI, JP (25 Nov. 2020) 

We were proud of our students’ performances during the visit of Ms Michelle LI, JP, Permanent Secretary for Education, on 25 Nov. 2020.  Quality education provided by our school such as the Major Concerns 1 and 2, Life Planning and Guidance were presented by the Principal, Vice-Principals and the teachers concerned.  Meeting with teachers and students at our School Library was a remarkable opportunity to share and gain greater understanding of the learning and teaching at our school with our visitors.  We appreciated that Ms LI presented the prizes to our top 3 students in each S5 class of the 2019/20 school year at our new school hall.  The powerful words of encouragement and support for students and teachers were consistently shown during the visit to the lessons in the classrooms, the Visual Arts Room and the Biology Laboratory.