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2020 First Assembly 

Good morning teachers and students, welcome back to school. You started your summer holiday immediately after the yearly exam. It was so sudden that we could not have a final assembly. Your holiday must be very different from the ones before because all the summer activities were cancelled. You were not able to travel overseas with your families or play freely with your schoolmates. Today, even on the first day of the school year, you have to stay at home to join the opening ceremony online. I hope that you have well adapted to all these changes and you are ready for the new school year.


At the very beginning, you may wonder why I am standing here to speak to you. It is because Ms Yan, our principal has taken up a new duty at the headquarter of the Education Bureau for a period of eleven months. I am the acting Principal of the school in this period.


Now, all students have to learn from home. I hope that the period is not long and you are well prepared for all the challenges. How can you learn effectively at home? First of all, you must have a good preparation. You have to find suitable equipment for the online lessons. These include a computer with a web camera and microphone, a stable network connection and a printer. You should also find a good place for you to have the online lessons. Your books and notes should be ready for use. You should also have good pre-lesson preparation. Read the pages to be covered and try to identify those points that are difficult to you. Second, you should have a good learning attitude. You must make use of every chance to enrich yourself. Concentrate on the lessons and the learning activities, even though there is no one supervising you. Keep a good living habit. Make sure you have enough sleep at night. A healthy mind makes you learn effectively. Your teachers have well prepared for their online teaching. You can do the same.


Learning at home does not mean that you only sit still to learn. We also take care of your mental health and character development through class periods and guidance activities. There are also other activities such as the SA election. I also urge you to make use of your spare time to read more interesting books. Enjoy your school life online.


This year, we aim at providing a safe and enriched learning environment for you. All of us should keep the campus clean and help to maintain sufficient social distancing. A clean and pleasant environment helps prevent you from getting infected by the COVID-19 virus. You should also develop your own critical thinking. Get information from different sources and analyze its creditability. Develop a positive attitude and stay away from illegal activities. In case of doubt, you should talk with your teachers and the school social workers to get good advice. When we are free from the threat of the pandemic, the school will launch a series of activities, including sports, academic activities and study tours. I encourage you to join these activities to enrich your school life.


In last year’s DSE, our students got very good results. 7 out of 15 subjects showed an improvement in the percentage of reaching Level 4 or above. More than 80% of the candidates in M2, Chinese History and the ICT obtained Level 4 or above. The overall number of 5 double-stars and 5-stars obtained in all subjects was also increased. This year, our students got 15 five double-stars among all subjects. Both Wong Yuk Yiu and Hung Yu Chung of 6D got 40 marks from 7 subjects. They have got admitted to the Chinese University of Hong Kong, studying Architectural Studies and Enrichment Mathematics respectively. Congratulations to them. In JUPAS first round admission, 13 students got their offers from the University of Hong Kong, 6 students got their offers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and 7 of them will go to the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The overall percentage of students who got their offers reached 72.9%, an increase of 22.9% from last year. The good results reflected the diligent work of our students and teachers. They are the role models of our students.


Our school was established in 1961, the year 2021 will be the 60th Anniversary of our school. We will start our celebration from the Open Day in March. A series of activities will be organized afterwards. Let’s get ready for these great moments.


As the number of COVID-19 cases is dropping recently, normal face-to-face lessons can be resumed in the near future. I am eager to meeting all of you at school soon. Thank you.