Application Form


Personal Data Collection Statement

The personal data provided in this application will only be used for the admission process this year. The data may be disclosed to the Education Bureau for allocation of school places and other education-related purposes. After the completion of the admission process, the data will be destroyed within a year. The applicant is responsible for providing correct and up-to-date information to the School. In case there are changes in the information in the application forms, the applicant must contact the School as soon as possible.

The applicant has the right under Section 18 and 22 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap 486) to request access to and correction of personal data. For access to and correction of personal data submitted, please contact the General Clerk Miss. Chan Wing-han, Hannah through email [email protected] .


申請者所提供的資訊只用作辦理申請學位的用途,本校可能把這些資料披露予教育局,用以處理學位分配或其他有關教育的事宜。本年度收生程序完成後,申請者的資料將於一年內銷毀。申請者有責任向本校提供準確及最新的資料,表格內的資料如有變更,申請者須盡快與本校聯絡。根據〈個人資料(私隱)條例〉第486章第18條和22條,申請人有權查閱和修正他們的個人資料。如需查閱或修正已提交的個人資料,請透過電郵 [email protected] 通知本校校務處文員陳穎嫻小姐。

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