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STEM Education Conference-cum Carnival 2016---EDUHK 

Learning STEM and STEAM through sharing

Our school’s Mathematics Club held a mathematics activity for a day at the Education University of Hong Kong. Students and teachers from different schools visited our booth and joined the activity with our school’s students.

We held mainly three activities for visitors who joined us that day. First, our students demonstrated how to use Kahoot! to answer academic questions. Second, our students prepared a series of graphs using Desmos to tell how they could use this useful application for their studies in mathematics as well as mathematics related problems. Third, our students had designed a treasure hunt game which used mathematics questions and QR code, so that the visitors could interact with us and enjoy a great time!  Also, they could know more about the Education University of Hong Kong by walking around the venue.

Besides, some visitors were interested in one of our souvenirs which was a 24-face polyhedron folded by us and it needed nothing to stick the papers together.  Our students taught them how to fold it. The visitors were smart and talented, and they learned very fast. By the time they left our booth, they even folded faster than we could.

To conclude, it was a successful and meaningful program to motivate and inspire students to excel in STEM subjects.