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29th Students’ Association Election and Inauguration 

The 29th Students’ Association Election was successfully held in the afternoon on 5 September 2018. In the open forum, the two nominated cabinets, STRIVE and OASIS, addressed their manifesto to their fellow schoolmates. Students were welcomed to raise their questions on stage. There were 680 valid votes in total and 417 of them went to OASIS. OASIS has been elected to be the 29th Students’ Association of SGSS. Congratulations! STRIVE received commendation for their wholehearted participation and unfailing support in the election.

The 29th Students’ Association Inauguration was also successfully held on 21 September 2018. The Principal, Ms YAN Kin-foon, Alice expressed her gratitude towards the hard work of ATLAS, the 28th Students’ Association as well as the two nominated cabinets, STRIVE and OASIS, and encouraged all SGSS students to continue providing great support to the work of the Students’ Association.