SGSS Australia Study Tour at Hills International College 2018
Learning in Brisbane (1 July to 13 July)
29th Students’ Association Election and Inauguration (21 Sep 2018)
S1 Adventure Camp (27 - 29 Sep 2018)
Japan STEM Study Tour- The tour provides a valuable opportunity for 27 students to widen their horizons on the most cutting edge technology in March 2018.
Our graduate of 2017, Chan Tin Mei, Tammy, who excels in Chinese music and specializes in Zheng, received the Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship from the Home Affairs Bureau.
Our School Swimming Team reaped the Overall Champion of Boys B Grade in the Inter-school Swimming Competition (Division Three) 2017/18. (Oct 2017)
UK Study Tour- 20 SGSS students stepped out of their comfort zone and set off for a foreign adventure in Oxford in early July. (Sep 2017)
16th Singapore – Hong Kong Exchange Programme
13 S2 students enriched their lives in the secondary schools in Singapore this summer. (Sep 2017)
8th Inter-Government Secondary Schools English Debating Competition Prize Presentation Ceremony (July 5th 2017)
Inter-School Volleyball Competition Division 2( Hong Kong ) Girls Overall Champion (June 2017)
香港學校戲劇節2016/17 榮獲大會評判甄選為本年度公開演出的參演學校,於2017年5月6日在西灣河文娛中心公開演出。
On 20 Nov 2016, our 108 Squadron won the Championship and Best Commander in the Albotrass Award 2016, which is one of the prestigious corps competitions in Hong Kong.
External Mathematics Competitions- Mini Prize-giving Ceremony 1 (09 Nov 2016)
( 18 Aug 2016 )
A 2-day large scale book fair was held in our school hall on 13-14 December 2016. All students were invited to visit the fair. Students bought their favorite books with a good discount.
Our English Debating Team was awarded the Second Prize in the 2015/16 Inter-Government Secondary Schools English Debating Competition. (6 Jul 2016)
為啓發同學思考前途和夢想,培育達成夢想的決心,本校特別舉辦「敢於夢想」活動;包括環保袋繪畫製作、藝術家麥雅端分享講座、展翅高飛風箏繪畫製作及「中六視藝作品」X Chocolate Rain 展覽 (4 Jul 2016)
5D陳天美同學於香港學校音樂及朗誦協會舉辦的第68屆香港學校音樂節奪得香港電台第四台中國樂器獎學金冠軍,獲頒香港電台第四台獎盃及獎學金三千元。 (11 Mar 2016)
5D陳天美同學於2015-16「優秀青年嘉許計劃」中,獲選為全港十大優秀青年,並同時獲得閃耀成就獎,以嘉許她在個人成就(包括學術及藝術)、領袖潛能,及社區貢獻等範疇的優秀表現。 (12 Mar 2016)
由東區民政事務處主辦的東區的文化特色-視覺藝術設計比賽中,6D麥曉祈和6B吳泓燊分別榮獲冠軍和亞軍。主辦單位更會將冠軍和亞軍作品展示於筲箕灣亞公岩道行人隧道內。 (31 Jan 2016)

由教育局主辦的中學生視覺藝術創作展2015-2016中,6B吳泓燊和6D麥曉祈分別榮獲金獎和銀獎,而6E區曉晴榮獲嘉許狀。(18 Jan 2016)