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Equip Yourselves, Be the Leaders of Tomorrow...

Dear members of the SGSS big family,

The academic year 2018/19 has just begun. I hope you all had a refreshing summer vacation. It’s my great honor to be appointed as the new principal of Shau Kei Wan Government Secondary School, a long established and well-known school, in which we, students and teachers, learn and experience a portion of our lives together.

Our students are used to actively participating in their school lives and especially treasuring their studies. While other youngsters were still enjoying their summer holiday, our students had already started their learning. Our students took part in the extramural classes prepared by their teachers in preparation for the new academic year. During the lessons, they listened attentively and jotted notes diligently. Our students might stand for their difference of opinion and have vigorous discussion sometimes, but they would also give admiration and recognition to one another.

Our students always enjoy high reputation for their good learning attitude. However, in this rapidly changing world, our students must take action and be pro-active to create a brighter future. Academic achievement is really critical, especially in this era of fierce competition. We must remain vigilant and seek every opportunity to learn so as to face up to the challenges of public examination. Moreover, although we are raised in Hong Kong, we may have an opportunity to work in different places all over the world. Thus, language proficiency and communication skills are vital and we should at least strive to become biliterate and trilingual. Apart from knowledge, morality is also important. Just like a “good” doctor needs not only medical skills and expertise, but also medical ethics.

I believe that every student in our School is a leader of tomorrow. Being a leader, we need to have broad-mindedness and vision. We should not only develop ourselves, but also need to be caring towards others. A few years ago, when Alibaba Group became listed in the US stock market, Jack Ma who was the executive chairman of Alibaba Group decided not to attend the “bell ceremony” by himself. Instead, he chose 8 customers and a successful online shop-owner of TaoBao to ring the bell. This group included a farmer growing cherry trees in Washington as well as a bracelet seller who was a former Olympics athlete of China. This special arrangement had once become the talk of the town in Wall Street. No matter whether it’s a gimmick for promotion or not, his willingness to share and his broad-mindedness is something for us to learn from. We are now living in a world with insufficient resources, time and space which makes it difficult for us to work all by our own. “Steve Jobs’ way of success” may no longer apply to us. In contrast, seeking coordination may create a “multiple-win situation”.

No matter how rapidly the world is changing, the future is still in your hands, Students! Let’s get prepared to take up the baton. As the year begins, may you all have the foresight and bravery to pursue your dreams and grasp the opportunity to equip yourselves pragmatically. Be proud of yourselves and keep a clear conscience.

Wish you a fruitful school year in 2018-2019.

YAN Kin-foon, Alice

Principal of SGSS

September 2018

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