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Extract from the Speech at the First School Assembly on1 September 2015

Good morning, colleagues and students.

As exciting as it sounds, I am more than delighted to be your new principal here at SGSS. Same as the freshmen in Secondary 1, I am also a new joiner to this big family and I look forward to meeting every one of you here in person. Yet before doing that, let me spare a couple of minutes to introduce myself to you as a person. My background is really straight forward. I went to school at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) majoring in Physics, and I began my teaching career at a secondary school in Yuen Long right after graduation. I have stayed there for 25 years being a teacher, a school administrator and an assistant principal. I used to teach Physics and Applied Mathematics, and after the launch of the DSE module, I have been teaching the core part of Mathematics to secondary 5 and 6 students. Today is a special day for me – not only is it my first time teaching in a different school, but it is also my first time addressing my colleagues and students as a school head. As an educator, I have always aspired and envisioned to lead a school and bring quality education to all of my students. To me, it does feel like "a dream comes true".

Colleagues and students, do you have a dream? If you do, congratulations, as success will come to you as a clinch. If you don’t, think and build one of your very own; it could be a dream that you want to achieve in the next couple of months, or even one that you want to achieve in the next couple of years. It could be being one of the top students in your grade, it could be winning the championship in an inter-school volleyball competition, it could be getting into the University of Hong Kong, it could be ANYTHING! Everyone should have a dream in their heart. With your dream, you are motivated, you are inspired, and you are to step out of your comfort zone to make a difference and achieve greater goals in life. Dream big and work hard, for success always begins with a whim.

However beautiful a dream could be, without being realized, it is still a dream. Yet how? I say, make life an EPIC! As the new school year begins, I wish every one of you an EPIC year ahead. My interpretation to EPIC isn’t literal but acronymic.

E stands for Energetic. Everyone has good potentials, but we need energy to move forward and achieve higher. Being energetic means always stretching your limits a little bit more, be it an extra 15-minute vocabulary building in daily revision, be it a few more hoops in basketball practice and be it the additional drills for your Math Olympiad. You are getting the most out of your potentials and adding to your possibilities! You will reach a horizon that you can never imagine.

P stands for Passionate. As the slogan chants, “Study hard, play hard”. Live up to it! No matter you are studying or playing, stay passionate! If you think singing is fun, don't just get satisfied to have fun at karaoke, do a little bit more practice and refine your skills. If you are interested in history, don’t get satisfied with your textbook, read more and understand better the underlying causes of historical issues and their pursuing influences. Stay passionate, colleagues and students. With passion, you will stay hungry; with passion, you will stay curious and with passion, you will excel in different arenas and be a true guru!

I stands for Innovative. Innovation is the key to success in the twenty-first century. Look at the innovations around us – the iWatch, the social media and the online shopping platform, to name but a few. Innovation has changed the business ecosystem and our understanding to the world, and today, I am asking you to extend innovativeness to a practical end, i.e. be innovative in learning. You may use innovation to memorize math formula and you may express yourself in an innovative way – just make use of innovation to tackle the different problems in life. Think with innovation and think out of the box. You will soon see the world from a perspective that is totally new!

Last but not the least, C stands for caring. In an hour time, you are to meet new teachers and new friends in your new classroom. What I want you to do is to put yourself into other people's shoes. Understand them better and think from their perspectives. Whatever you do or say, show your care and do your best to them. Let respect and care come first in your day to day interactions. Show your care to your classmates, teachers and your family. Let the seed of good deeds sow and you are to reap the fruit of love.

So colleagues and students, remember what EPIC stands for? E for Energetic, P for Passionate, I for Innovative and C for caring. I hope every one of you will walk out of this hall with these four words, and have an epic year ahead.

Thank you.