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Aims and Objectives

School Library

Library as the teaching and learning center of the school aims to facilitate students’ life-long self-direct learning by its comfortable environment and its rich resources. Library regularly organizes different reading activities in collaboration with different departments by means of specific topic/cross-curricular book fairs and book sharing throughout the whole school year. Library as one of the reading promotors also plays an important role in the formal curriculum development.


Library Committee

Teacher In-charge Mr.YEN Shing-man

Student Librarian Team

The establishment of student librarian team is to provide basic career training to those selected students who are interested in reading, administration or customer service. They all will be trained with library skills, communication skills, management skills and human resource management skills according to their ranks and forms.

Student Librarian Team offers 5 promotion ranks for all experienced and capable students to achieve:

  • Head Librarian (1 post)
  • Deputy Head Librarian (2 posts)
  • Leader Librarian (6 posts)
  • Vice-leader librarian (12 posts)
  • Librarian (60 posts)

Library Management Team

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Team 5

Team 6

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