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Aims and Objectives

Library as learning centre of school aims to facilitate life-long learning and to foster students with initiative reading habit by promoting whole school reading culture through a variety of library activities such as S1 library lessons, book sharing, morning talks, author talks and different scales of book fairs as well as any ad-hoc functions in collaboration with different departments.

The student-librarians are all well-trained to offer quality library services to their fellow students and teachers and they in return enhance their sense of responsibility and working competence for their future career development.

Library Committee

Teacher In-charge Mr. TANG Yu-Kwong

List of Student Librarians

Head Librarian
4D Yip Lam
Deputy Head Librarian
4B Wong Yi Man
5E Chow Wing Lok
Leader Librarian
4A Lo Siu Yin
4A Tse Ka Man
4D Tam Hiu Ching
4D Wong Ting Yan
5B Chow Wing Yee
3C Fan Choi Ngan
5E Chan Ying Ka
Vice Leader Librarian
2D Chan Hong Tik
2D Chiu Man Hei
2D Chu Ching Hang
3A Lee Wing Yee
3D Tsoi Lok In
4C Chau Wai Yee
4E Lok Wai Cheong
3A Tock Ho Yin
5E Lee Yi Ting
1A Zhong Chun Kit
1A Yao Sum Hing
1B Fu Kei
1B Wong Yee Wing
1B Kwong Cheuk Ying
1C Chow Pui Yung
1D Cheung Sze Man
1D Ng Chi Yan
1D Chow Shuk Wai
1D Li Chi Kin
1D Lee Yung Kit
2B Leung Wai Yin
2C Chan Lok Yee
2D Lau Hoi Lam
2D Wang Ki Ki
2D Wong Tin WIng
3A Cheung Wai Ling
3A Tsoi Ka Ying
3A Tsoi Pui Shan
3B Li Kai Wai
3B Tang Lok Yin
3B Tsai Hiu Ching
3D Cheng Tsz Ching
4B Lam Hiu Man
4C Kwok Chun Ki
4D Fung Chui Yi
4D Ko Wing Sum
4D Lee Lai Yan
4D Nip Tsz Ching
4D Nip Tsz Ying
4D Ting Yuet
4E Lai Chi Kai
4E Ng Lok Him
4E Wu Cheuk Kei Casey
5B Chau Hoi Yee
5B Kwan Ting Ying
2D Lai Chun Ching
4D Wong King Yung
4E Lee Tze Yin
4E Yau Man Kei
2C Hung Sze Yu
2C Leung Ka Ping
2C Yung Tsz Ki
3B Kwan Tsun Fung
3D Qi Qi

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