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Life-wide Learning

Aims and Objectives

Life-wide Learning (LWL) refers to student learning in real contexts and authentic settings. It is also a strategy that aims to move student learning beyond the classroom into other learning contexts. Such experiential learning enables students to achieve certain learning goals that are more difficult to attain through classroom learning alone. It helps students to achieve the aims of whole-person development and enables them to develop the life-long learning capabilities that are needed in our ever-changing society.

In each school year, a total of 4 Life-wide Learning Periods have been scheduled that allow for the planning of both school-based and outside-school activities to implement the cross-curricular education programmes as well as to enrich the OLE of the students. Besides outside-school visits and learning programmes, a variety of activities are held to ensure students have exposure to aesthetic activities, careers related activities, community services and other activities that help extend and enrich the formal curricula. Life-wide Learning activities are also held at suitable time outside Life-wide Learning Periods to provide students with ample opportunities to explore different avenues of learning and to have a broader understanding of the school curriculum through participating in various activities.

Life-wide Learning Committee 2021-2022

Teacher-in-charge Mr.MAN Lec-san
Members Ms.SHEN Yi-man
  Ms.TUNG Po-wa

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