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Aims and Objectives

To reinforce classroom teaching by allowing students to put their knowledge and skills into practice.

To promote students' personal development by broadening their interests, developing their potentials, and providing opportunities for character formation and leadership training.

To promote students' social development by offering opportunities for broadening their social experiences and practising their social skills.

To make school life more interesting.

OLE Team 2021-2022

OLE Co-ordinator Ms.WONG Kai-foon
Deputy OLE Co-ordinator Mr.TSUI Chung-pong
Members Ms. TUNG Po-wa
Ms. WONG Shuk-ching, Jane
Ms. YUET Fong-ching
Ms. YU Lap-wan, Percy

OLE List

Academic Clubs

Chinese Club I.T. Club
Design & Technology Club Mathematics Club
Economics & BAFS Club Putonghua Club
English Club Science & Astronomy Club
History Club Geography Club

Interest Groups

Archery Club Chinese Debate Club
Art Club English Debate Club
Bridge & Chess Club Drama Club
Cookery Club Gardening Club
Christian Fellowship Japanese Culture, Animation and Comics Club
Dance Club Music Club
Sports of Hand Accuracy Club

Uniform Teams

Boy Scouts Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps
Girl Guides Red Cross Youth Unit
Flag Raising Team

Service Groups

Community Youth Club Stage Management Team
Junior Police Call Photography and Video Production Team
Hong Kong Award for Young People

Sports Association/ Teams

Sports Association Committee School Basketball Team
School Archery Team School Swimming Team
School Athletics Team School Table Tennis Team
School Badminton Team School Volleyball Team


Chinese Orchestra School Orchestra
School Choir Zheng Ensemble

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